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Rental Car Insurance

Renting a car in Europe is a fun, convenient way to travel, without a doubt one of the best ways to get around. One thing that always needs to be kept in mind though is that much like driving your own car at home, your rental car will have insurance to cover things like accident and theft, and just like car insurance back home, there will be an excess to pay.

The excess amount can vary quite a bit in Europe, all depending on where you are collecting you car, what kind of vehicle you are renting, and where you will be driving it. Certain categories of cars such as luxury vehicles or sports cars often have higher insurance excess than other car types, and some countries will attract a higher excess also.

With most rentals, the excess amount is also required as a deposit, meaning when you collect your car, you will need to make sure you have this amount available on your credit card. The amount is usually frozen on the card, not actually deducted however this will be up to the depot.

As the excess can be quite expensive in many countries, it’s a good idea to have insurance cover when renting a car.
Many travel insurance policies include coverage for car rental excess - this is one of the lesser known benefits of Travel Insurance.

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