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Honeymoon Registry

Getting Married Soon?

Want to make it Easier?

What a Perfect Wedding Gift Solution - A Honeymoon Registry
VLTravel understands how important your big day is to you and we are here to help make life simpler for you!
VLTravel can help you decide on the:

  • Perfect Overseas Wedding Destination
  • Romantic Honeymoon
  • Honeymoon Registry

Most couples now days live out of home and have all of the household items required before the engagement party and wedding. Registering your Honeymoon is the perfect way to have your dream honeymoon without worrying about the extra toasters and blenders and an ever stretching wedding budget. Allow your friends and family to share in what will be some of the most memorable days of your new life together, by contributing to your VLTravel Honeymoon Registry.
Take the stress out of gift giving with a VLTravel Honeymoon Registry and let your guests take advantage of an easy way to express their love for the happy couple.
After enjoying a successful wedding day, relax and know that VLTravel has arranged your perfect honeymoon, where you will be able to slow down and unwind after months of planning and preparation. What better way to do this then by enjoying an amazing Honeymoon in an exotic location within Australia or overseas. 
VLTravel consultants have many years of experience when planning overseas weddings, your ultimate honeymoon or that special occasion.
Let VLTravel take care of all of your travel arrangements and VL Honeymoon Registry. 
The VLTravel Honeymoon Registry is a free service and it is extremely popular with wedding couples and their guests. 

VLTravel Honeymoon Registry 


How does it Work?
It’s really simple and one of your easiest decisions!
All you need to do is contact VLTravel to:

  • Let us know your wedding date
  • Choose the dates of your honeymoon
  • Decided on your honeymoon location

We can do this over the phone, via email or make an appointment to discuss these details in person in the VLTravel office. When the above decisions have been made, VLTravel will book your dream honeymoon.
A minimum deposit of $500.00 will be required towards your honeymoon at the time of booking*. VLTravel will then forward you the amount of VLTravel Honeymoon Registry Cards you require for your engagement and/or wedding invitations………..and the rest is up to us and your guests.
When your guests have received your engagement and/or wedding invitation with the VLTravel Honeymoon Registry details, if they choose to contribute, all they need to do is call or email VLTravel at
Guest contributions to your VLTravel Honeymoon Registry can be any amount they like.
We allow you to decide on the registry’s final date, and once the registry has been finalised, a listing of all the guests who have made a contribution will be mailed to you.
If you choose, this final listing can include the amounts and names of each person who contributed to your VLTravel Honeymoon Registry.
Easy isn't it!

VLTravel has recreated this VLTravel Honeymoon Registry for couples just like you, who deserve a trouble free Wedding and Honeymoon Registry.
*Your personal VLTravel consultant will advise you on payment deadlines and the amounts that are due as your honeymoon booking progresses.

VLTravel Honeymoon Registry Cards  

  • VLTravel will supply you with the amount of VL Travel Honeymoon Registry cards you require to insert into your engagement and/or wedding Invitations to send to your guests.
  • The VLTravel Honeymoon Registry cards explain to your friends and family that instead of traditional gifts, you prefer that they contribute to your VL Travel Honeymoon Registry instead.
  • The idea of a VLTravel Honeymoon Registry  is not only to help the Bride & Groom, it also saves your guests time from running around looking for that perfect gift.
  • No chance of doubling up on appliances! 

Your VLTravel consultant will keep a detailed record of all guest contributions received towards your VL Travel Honeymoon Registry. You can also choose to know the specified amount of each donation or kept it confidential. If you choose the details listing of guest contributions, this will assist you when sending of thank you cards.
Your guests contributing to the VL Travel Honeymoon Registry will receive a voucher from VL Travel, so that they can bring it along with them on your engagement or wedding Day.
We would also be happy to personalize these vouchers with your guests personal message to the happy couple.
If your honeymoon registry is really important for you, make sure your friends and family know that. Spread the word! The easier it is for guests to access your registry, the more likely they will use it.
When they hear about how excited you both are about your honeymoon, they will be more than happy to contribute to your VLTravel Honeymoon Registry .
You can keep your honeymoon destination confidential if you wish. 
Once your VLTravel Honeymoon Registry is in place, VLTravel will then run your registry on your behalf, just as a department store would do.

VLTravel Honeymoon Registry Conditions

Guest Payment Options
Your Guests can contribute to your VL Travel Honeymoon Registry via phone, fax or email.
VL Travel Travel will accept payment by all major credit cards, cheque, cash, or direct deposit. 
Contribution Time Line
You can decide when you want your VL Travel Honeymoon Registry to be closed.
Experience has shown that some guests leave gift giving until the last minute and VLTravel is happy to continue receiving these VLTravel Honeymoon Registry contributions after the wedding day. When the VL Travel Honeymoon Registry is closed and before you leave on your much deserved honeymoon, VLTravel will send you a copy of those guests who have contributed and the final total raised.
Contribution Excess
If the amount of your VLTravel Honeymoon Registry contributions exceed your honeymoon expenditure, VLTravel will allow the following options:

  • VL Travel will keep this money in trust, for your next trip - perhaps for your 1st wedding anniversary!
  • You can decide to upgrade your accommodation etc (conditions apply to the stage of your bookings)
  • Receive any surplus monies as a refund cheque to you. This money is yours to do with as you please (bank, pay off the credit card or spend on your honeymoon).

In many cases, you will need to pay for your honeymoon before your guests start contributing to your VLTravel Honeymoon Registry.
Free Travel Insurance Conditions
All Air & Land Arrangements are to be made through VLTravel for your Honeymoon.
The VLTravel Honeymoon Registry option must also be taken for you to be eligible for the free travel insurance.
The VLTravel Honeymoon Registry is a FREE service! 

  • No set up, service, administration or processing fees
  • No fees are past onto your guests
  • No credit card fees for your guests




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